Ban Upon a Star

This documentary follows the lives of two Iranian students in the Unites States in the wake of Muslim ban executive order.

Facing the Wind

A story untold: The silent struggle of male ballet dancers in the United States, in all aspects of their lives.

Hinduism, Religion of Peace

An Indian community's struggle in the modern world

Ginevra de Bencci

A da Vinci masterpiece silently observes its audience

Safe Travels

Saying goodbye to a loved one in Iranian culture incorporates an elaborate ritual.
Espand grains are burnt to banish the evil eye. 
Items on the tray ensure safe travels:
• Mirror: A prosperous future
• Candies (Noghl): Affluence
• Water: Tranquility
• Holy book (Qur’an): Protection
When the traveller leaves the front door, a glass of water is shed behind him/her, pledging safe returns.


Tabagh is a cultural ritual of prepping rice in Northern Iran, where women are basically responsible for most of the household chores and life events. This video tries to reintroduce this fading custom to the western audience with another point of view. The sound and visual imagery runs as a see-saw to accentuate this one of a kind experience.